Getting Here



Timber Creek Staging Area

Starting point: Cow Lake Store and Resort (Southwest of Rocky Mountain House) hwy 752 **start odometer**

Cow Lake store to our staging camp roughly 1 hr

  1. From Cow Lake Store continue west on hwy 752 (gravel starts and no more cell service at KM 28)
  2. Turn Left on hwy 734 (also called hwy 40) towards Calgary (KM 47) Narrow sections on the road so take your time.
  3. Turn right at Cutoff Creek Equestrian area sign (KM 60)
  4. Follow the main road west to our staging camp and turn right at the Y after mile marker 14 and go to mile marker 14.5 (KM 74) **look for Timber Creek Adventures (TCA) sign

If very muddy from excessive rain please park just off of the road.