Food, Feed & Camp

Food, Feed & Camp

from $215

Mountain Camping with your Horses

Do you ever want to escape to the mountains with your horses? With the food, feed and camp package you can enjoy the mountains with your horses and leave the stress of setting up a camp behind. Ride approximately 3 hours down one of two trails to the camp site and you can enjoy our creekside camp equipped with tents, cots, and great food for you and your horses. From the camp you can enjoy many great day rides with your horses. We are a family run business and our kids may be in the main camp from time to time. However, if you prefer a private setting please add that detail in the comments section of the booking.

Tour Pricing

  • Horse feed
  • Tents
  • Cots & Bedding
  • All Food & Beverage Included
  • No Alcohol Provided
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We will gladly accept online payment in the methods below, as well as cash or cheque in person.

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